If you own a homesite already, you have a PLACE for your new home. Lady Street Builders is more than happy to help you bring your vision of home to life in the place where you’ve always wanted to live. Our Build On Your Lot Program includes a comprehensive approach that engages all facets of the construction process from our client’s hopes and dreams. If you’ve already chosen your homesite, we can take you through to the finish line when we hand over the keys to the home you and your family have always dreamed of.

Building a home is tremendously rewarding, but is a complex and time-demanding undertaking. It can be overwhelming for the uninitiated but we have a talented staff and core of professional vendors and subcontractors that willingly and knowledgeably navigate the associated challenges daily. Prior to construction there are a myriad of things to research, consider and analyze. The challenges range from lot analysis (suitability for building/construct-ability, crawl or basement, site access, house positioning, site improvement/clearing requirements, utility locations/easements, etc), to permitting, to trade/vendor and product ordering/scheduling, to final building and lot inspections. Lady Street Builders’ experience and knowledge will help you get through all of that so you can begin creating the ideal place to live.

Lady Street Custom Home Builders Build-On-Your-Lot-Program

Items To Consider For Build On Your Own Lot Construction:

  • Lot Clearing: Environmental & Sediment control; tree, stump, brush removal; culvert and construction driveway installation (state/county guidelines); easements; Architectural Review Board guidelines. Some determining factors include lay of the land; basement or crawl; well location; septic location; municipal guidelines.
  • Surveyor: Building permit survey (lot, easements, well and septic locations, restrictions, & boundary reference), rough stake, good stake, brick point, and in some locales a final/physical survey.
  • Water/Well: If water is provided by a municipality/water authority there are application and fee requirements. If a private well is the source of the water there are application and fee requirements via the local health department plus installation and testing requirements. The cost of a well is contingent upon well depth, gallons per minute, and the size of the pump and holding tank.
  • Sewer/Septic: If sewer service is provided by a municipality there are application and fee requirements. If a septic system is to be installed on the site the soil must first be evaluated (perc) by a health department representative or Authorized On Site Evaluator. The number of bedrooms in the house must be known at the time of evaluation. Based on that analysis it is determined if a standard/convention septic system is appropriate or if an alternative system is required. An alternative system is typically three to five times more expensive than a conventional system.
  • Electric Power Service: Cost is determined by the distance from the main power lines or pedestal. In remote areas this cost is affected by clearing/trenching
  • Natural Gas Service: If available, the cost is determined by the distance from the road/tap-in point and is also affected by clearing/trenching requirements.
  • Construction Financing: Lender will need to be consulted and help walk you through the intricacies of Construction Perm Financing. Lady Street Builders has cultivated a construction process that produces the highest quality homes both on-time and on-budget.

We are proud of the relationships we share with local contractors and suppliers. They share our passion for uncompromised craftsmanship. We look forward to sharing this process with you as we conduct on-site meetings including pre-construction, pre-drywall, hardware, landscaping and others, as needed. If you’d like to learn more about our Build On Your Lot Program, please visit LadyStreetBuilders.com or give us a call at 803 600 0984.

Ready To Collaborate?

Once you’ve shared your vision with us, we can begin to narrow down the details of your
wants and needs and determine the starting point for building your custom home.